John Lane

percussionist | composer




A Manifesto of the Percussive Artist - written for a Panel Discussion at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention 2014.

Abstracted Resonances: A Study of Performance Practices Reflecting the Influence of Indigenous American Percussive Traditions in the Music of Peter Garland


Notations 21, ed. Theresa Sauer

  • Sparrow Song

The Modern Percussion Revolution, ed. Kevin Lewis and Gustavo Aguilar

  • Ch 5. Abstracted Resonance: The Percussion Music of Peter Garland John Lane


"The Path of Mbira: An Interview with Joel Laviolette," Percussive Notes (January 2013): 30–2.

"Mbira Dreams: An Interview with Erica Azim," Percussive Notes (March 2010): 36–8.

"Blue Man Group and Stomp: The Performer's Perspective," Percussive Notes (December 2003): 10–17)