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Episode 7: Evan Holm

Evan Holm at SFMOMA

Evan Holm at SFMOMA

This episode is a conversation with Oakland-based sculptor/artist Evan Holm. We talked at length about his work, Submerged Turntables, and the new Motionpoems film that features it, Antique Sound (see below).  

This is a film adaption of W.S. Merwin's poem 'Antique Sound', first published in The Moon before Morning (Copper Canyon Press, 2014) and features Evan's work, Submerged Turntables. Filmed, edited and directed by Evan, this project was funded/produced by the fantastic vision and hard work of

Evan will be opening his new installation, CloudClock, at the Vessel Gallery in Oakland in May 2015.

Here is a link to the summer workshop that Evan mentioned as a possible alternative-to-academia-learning-experience:

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