John Lane

percussionist | composer




Seven Haiku

by Lungta

Seven Haiku explores the translation of Haiku poetry to music: brief and evocative music create stark, singluar images or a precise moment in time. Each movement is based on a Haiku, some traditional (Basho), some are simply culled from other sources (friends, poets, etc…):



            Clouds come from time to time
            giving us a chance to rest
            from looking at the moon - Basho

            the voice of reeds
            sounds like the autumn wind
            from another mouth – Basho

            without a hat
            the winter rain falls on me
            so what – Basho

            doing nothing
            is my favorite thing
            to do – Peter Garland

            Awakened within a dream,
            I fall into my own arms
            … What kept you so long? – Lou Hartman

            grass of forgetting
            picked for rice soup
            the end of the year - Basho

            stray white mare
                        neck rope dangling
            forty miles from farms – Gary Snyder