John Lane

percussionist | composer



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The Innocents (w/ Allen Otte) - Residency

Two residencies featuring our social justice advocacy work, The Innocents: Oklahoma City University (Oklahoma City, OK) and the Woody Guthrie Center (Tulsa, OK)


"I regularly listen to and am moved by stories of wrongful conviction, but it was not until The Innocents performance that I really 
felt what it must be like to be convicted of and imprisoned for a crime I did not commit. This gripping abstract performance takes you deep into the dark world of a wrongfully convicted prisoner and is one of the most moving performances I have ever witnessed — who knew banging rocks together and tearing up sheets of paper could be so powerful! I didn't know what to expect ahead of the performance, and I certainly didn't expect to be moved to tears. You will be spellbound.” - Clare Gilbert, Executive Director, Georgia Innocents Project