John Lane

percussionist | composer




A Border is a Line Birds Cannot See (2019) - with DIY electronics and spoken texts
percussion quartet with percussion ensemble

Thrice (2018)A song cycle based on poetry by Nick Lantz
soprano and piano

Truth is a Knife (2017) - text by Richard Herbert Howe, original poetry by John Lane
solo snare drum with spoken text

Scenes from This Side of the River (2017) - poetry by Nick Lantz
solo glockenspiel with spoken text

Six Haiku (2016)
solo marimba

Tafelmusik (2014) - Lungta Duo (with Amanda Pepping), poetry by Nick Lantz
trumpet, found objects, table top and spoken text

Good Conduct (2014) - with poetry by Nick Lantz
trumpet, drumset, and spoken text

In Place (2013) - with Amanda Pepping, poetry by Nick Lantz
trumpet, percussion, and spoken text

Uji (Being-Time) (2013) - original text and music by John Lane
snare drum and spoken text

Seven Haiku (for Amanda Pepping) (2012)
trumpet and vibraphone 

The Locust Tree in Flower (2012) - poetry by William Carlos Williams
speaking percussionist

Five Places West (2010)
percussion solo with narration

Terribilis est locus iste (2010)
percussion ensemble with piano

Nocturne (2009-10)
mbira and spoken text

Sequences, No. 1 - DNA (2007)
percussion or mixed chamber ensemble

Sparrow Song (2006)**
speaking percussionist

The Innocents (2006) - with Allen Otte
2 speaking percussionists, voice, electronics

With Hidden Noise (2006)
percussionist, narrator, and electronics

Rocks (2006) - with Kazuaki Shiota
percussion solo with electronics (TRANSPELL)

Possible Paths (2004) - with poetry by Ann McCutchan
percussion and narrator (or speaking percussionist)


**Published in Notations 21, Theresa Sauer, ed.